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What is a Doctor Specialist in Physical & amp; Rehabilitation?

We, doctors Physical & Medical Specialist Rehabilitation (abbreviated SpKFR), previously known in Indonesia as a Medical Rehabilitation Specialist (SPRM).

Physical Medicine means medical science using tools with physics methods in handling cases and treating illnesses, such as temperature (heat and cold), sound waves (ultrasound), electricity (muscle stimulation with electricity), light (laser) mechanical (traction), etc., as well as providing medication and injection.

Medical rehab means to return a person to his or her daily function before experiencing illness or disability. Daily functions such as walking, bathing, dressing, independently, or functions in daily work.

I still do not understand what the doctor's job is. I've also never met a doctor like you & hellip;

Yes. Number of Physicians & Physicians Specialist Rehabilitation has not been much, not just in Indonesia even in the world. Even more puzzling, the name & lsquo; physical medicine & amp; rehabilitation & rsquo; does not describe our actual work.

Physician & Physician Specialist Rehabilitation does not only use physics modalities (a therapeutic tool using the method of physiology), but just like other doctors, we also prescribe drugs and inject. Some of us practice intervention pain and do spinal injection with the help of ultrasound or C-arm (special roentgen tool).

More than that, we are unique doctors. We deeply understand and deepen the science of KINESIOLOGY , the science of muscle-bone-joint and the influence of movement and daily activities against the disease you suffer. We know the various solutions for your illness, not just prescribing medication and injecting, as many muscle-joint-joint problems will not be good just by taking medication alone.

What is Muskuloskeletal?

Musculoskeletal means muscle (= muscle) and bone (= skeleton), can mean muscle, bone and others involved in body movement such as joint, tendo, ligament etc. We at Flex-free Clinic specialize in musculoskeletal rehabilitation that deals with pain and joint-muscle problems, including sports injuries.

What is Flex-Free Clinic Physiotherapy Clinic?

Flex-free Clinic is a physiotherapy clinic that is handled directly by Physician & Physician Specialist Doctors Rehabilitation that works with the physiotherapist in dealing with our patients. What we provide is not just physiotherapy but a complete act of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Every patient who comes will be checked Physician & Physician Specialist Rehabilitation, and determined what medical action is right for you. Whether in the form of medication, injection, special examination, physiotherapy, exercise, etc., we will find the most appropriate solution for you because not all people and all diseases are equal.

Are Pain Drugs Only Curing My Bone-Muscle Diseases?

The answer could be yes it can not. If your muscle-joint pain lasts just a few days, sometimes anti-inflammatory / anti-pain medication with rest can relieve your pain. But on the old and repetitive, pain medication alone does not solve the problem and can cause side effects. In addition to taking pain medication, it takes a lot of other actions.

What's Written As "Education & rsquo; in the brochure? What's Taught Me?

Patients with pain and joint-muscle problems will be taught how to perform daily life activities to reduce pain and prevent recurrence. For example, in patients with low back pain, how to lift heavy objects from the floor safe for protrusion of bone pads experienced .. In patients with neck or shoulder pain, is taught how to position the correct computer or laptop so as not to cause fatigue in the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Why Why Do I Get Sicked Exercise? Exercise What is it?

Your joint muscle and joint pain is often caused by limited joint motion, muscle weakness and stiffness, and faulty movement control. It can not be good just by taking medication and sitting / sleeping / silent alone. Can be a joint motion exercise, muscle strengthening, muscle flexibility and proprioception (sensor and motion control) adapted to your disease and abilities. The exercise starts from the lightest and simplest and is raised slowly. From what you can do daily at home, to what you have to do at a special facility.

What Are Physical Therapy Functions Like Heated And Electrocuted?

Some physical therapy is available at the Flex-free Clinic. Thermal therapy (hot and cold temperature) serves to dilate and constrict blood vessels, relax the muscles are stiff, flexing the joints, and reduce pain. Electrical therapy serves to blockade painful pain, strengthen muscles and train weak muscles. Laser light therapy works to stimulate tissue healing.

Do I Have To Be Injected And Is The Injections Safe?

Not all patients are the same, some need to be injected, some will not. Injections also vary. There are anti-inflammatory injections that function to remove swelling and pain, injection of joint raw materials such as "oil injection"; given to the knee, or injections of prolotherapy, ie injection of certain substances that stimulate repair of damaged joints or veins. Anti-inflammatory injections will cause side effects if given improperly or too often, while injecting raw materials and injections of prolotherapy are very safe. Several types of injections will be given with the help of musculoskeletal ultrasound to ensure the accuracy of the injection site.

What is Traction?

Traction is a tool for stretching the spine and surrounding tissues (bone pads, facet joints, and muscles). One of the causes of low back pain is pressure on the nerves due to protrusion of the joints. Symptoms may include back pain accompanied by pain, numbness and tingling along the thighs, legs and feet. In the Flex-free clinic there is Triton DTS traction. Triton DTS traction advantages over ordinary traction is an adjustable curve that fits the patient's needs and is controlled by the computer, so it does not precisely cause a sudden pull on the muscle as in ordinary traction.

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