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What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal decompression therapy is one type of nonoperative or non-surgical therapy that uses special tensile devices to reduce intra-diskal pressure or pressure between the vertebrae and discus (spinal cushion), where in the case of disc or spinal abnormalities in the lower back area (lumbar) and neck (cervical) such as HNP, disc bulging, and protruded disc there is an increase in intra-diskal pressure resulting in pain and clamping of the spinal cord.

What is Triton-DTS?

Triton-DTS (Decompression Traction Stabilization) is a spinal decompression therapy tool made in Chattanooga, USA that uses the principle of attraction like a traction tool but is different from ordinary traction equipment because Triton-DTS has a very precise pull program, can lower intra-disk pressure without causing reflex muscle spasms due to the muscle withdrawal process that will activate the proprioception sensor as if we were using the usual traction tool, and has a pulling pattern that allows the regeneration and nutrients of the disc or spinal cord, all of which are highly regulated by the computer. With Triton-DTS also allows for manipulation or exercise for spinal stabilization.

Vacuum effect on the discus that provide nutrition on the discus so that the process of regeneration of the discus.
What Cases Can Be Handled With Spinal Decompression Therapy Using Triton-DTS?

- Degenerative disc disc disorder, single or multiple disc herniation or protrusion.
- Lower back and upper back pain due to tense muscles, facet joint abnormalities or shift of the spine.
- Sciatic pain.
- Neck and head pain due to tense muscles.
- Pain and tingling that radiate up to both limbs or both hands.
- Pain that arises some time after spinal surgery with indication of disc herniation.

HNP Hypnitic Nerve Degenerative disc disconnect herniation or disc protrusion

Degenerative disc abnormalities, disc herniation or protrusion.


sciatic muscle skeletal pain Back pain due to tense muscles

                      Sciatic pain Back pain due to tense muscles

Neck pain spreads to the hands Pain in the waist to the feet

Neck pain spreads to the hands Pain in the waist to the feet
What conditions are not allowed using Triton-DTS?

- Infection of the active spine.
- Severe osteoporosis.
- Pregnancy.
- Severe neurological damage.
- Patients who have undergone spinal surgery with the installation of metal, screws or other tools inside the spine.
Is Spinal Decompression Therapy Using Triton-DTS Safe? How Many Times Should Be Having This Therapy and How Much Does It Cost to Expire?

Spinal decompression therapy using Triton-DTS is very safe because it uses a computer therapy tool, very precise and accurate and has been approved by the United States FDA as one of the therapeutic tools for safe and effective back pain. At the time of this therapy will not feel pain, very comfortable and will not even feel drawn like using a conventional traction tool because of the different types of pull, can be segmental and use a computer program that is very precise and accurate.

Once the therapy takes about 20-30 minutes with the frequency of therapy 15-35 times, can be done 2-3 times per week or even every day, depending on the condition of each patient based on the results of doctor examination. Clinical experience of significant results after 20 treatments within 6 weeks.

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