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  • 1. About Flex Free Clinic, Service And Therapy Facilities?

    • What Is The Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Clinic?

        Musculoskeletal means muscle (= muscle) and bone (= skeleton), can mean muscle, bone and others involved in body movement such as joints, joint capsule, tendo / tendon, ligament etc.

        Rehabilitation means improving. So we are a clinic that improves or treats pain and joint-muscle problems, including sports injuries

        Our focus is to rehabilitate, which means to improve and prevent, and not only to eliminate the complaints or symptoms of pain / illness. And we also prepare the most optimal conditions for patients to perform their daily activities with conditions and limitations

    • Is Flex Free Equal With A Physiotherapist Clinic Or Chiropractic Clinic?

        Flex-Free Clinic Is A Physiotherapy Clinic Handled Directly By Physical Rehabilitation And Physical Specialist Doctors, Who Worked With A Physiotherapist In Handling Our Patients. What We Give Not Just Physiotherapy Measures But Complete Measures Of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.

        Every Incoming Patient Will Be Checked By Physical and Rehabilitation Physician Specialist, And Determined What Type of Abnormalities And Medical Actions Are Right. Whether in the form of Drug Administration, Injection, Special Examination, Physiotherapy, Exercise, And So On, We Will Find The Right Solution.

        Doctors Will Give Instructions About Kind And Therapeutic Dose Tools That Should Be Given To Sufferers, According To The Type Of Disorder, Because Not Everyone And All Same Diseases.

        We Are Not a Chiropractic Clinic !. For Problems Handled Can Be Same, Muscle Problems / Abnormalities, Bones And Joints, But How To Determine Diagnosis And Treatment Will Be Different. Our Executors Are Specialist Physical And Rehabilitation Physical Doctors Assisted Physiotherapists Who Are Experiencing Muscle Problems / Abnormalities, Bones And Joints Western Medical Science . Implementation of Applied Therapy Based on Diagnosis of Medical Sciences.

    • Who Are The Physical and Rehabilitation Specialist Doctors?

        We, Physician & Physician Specialist Rehabilitation (Abbreviated Spkfr), Previously Known In Indonesia as Medical Rehabilitation Specialist (Sprm).

        Physical Medicine Mean Medical Science Using Tools With Physical Methods In Handling Cases And Treating Diseases, Like Temperature (Heat And Cold), Sound Waves (Ultrasound), Electricity (Stimulation Of Muscles With Electricity), Sinar (Laser), Mechanical (Traction), And Other, Besides Also Giving Medication And Injection.

        Medical Rehabilitation Means Restoring Someone To Its Daily Function Before Having Sickness Or Disability. Daily Functions eg Walking, Bathing, Dressing, Individually, or Function In Daily Work.

    • What Does This Specialist Do?

        Physician & Physician Specialist Rehabilitation Not Just Using Physical Modalities (Therapy Tools Using Physical Methods), But Just Like Other Doctors, We Also Prescribe Drugs And Inject. Some Of Us Doing Pain Interventions Practices And Doing Spinal Injections With The Help Of Usg Or C-Arm (Special Roentgen Tool).

        More Than That, We Are Unique Doctors. We Understand and Understand Science Kinesiology , The Science Of The Muscles And The Influence Of Movement And The Daily Activities Of Your Disease. We Know Different Solutions For Your Disease, Not Just Prescribing Drugs And Injecting, Because Many Muscle-Bone Problems That Will Not Be Good With Drink Only.

    • What Cases Can Be Handled?

        The Cases We Handle Are Cases With Pain Or Pain And Swelling Pain In Motion Tools, Like Pain Or Pain On Finger & rdquo; Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck, Back Rear, Knee, Leg And Ankle.

        Generally People Come Looking For Us While Experiencing Complaints & rdquo; Pain, Pain, Waist, Hand and Wrist, Back, Waist Up To Rump, Knee, Leg And Ankle.

        So If You Have Pain Or Pain, Swelling And Difficulty Moving, Especially After Injury / Trauma, Come To Us For Initial Examination, Soon Be Known What Is The Problem And Its Disorder.

    • Can Flex Free Handle Old Cases That Are Not Cured-Cured Even Having Been Sought To Many Doctors?

        Depending on the type of the disorder. Quite Many Who Come To Us, People Who Do Not Heal After Healed Sometimes Even Sometimes Severe Conditions, Because Generally They Are Desperate And Do not Know Where To Go Again For Treatment.

        So When Patients Come, We Must Be Sure First That The Disorder Is Suffered It Is Our Field That Is The Muscle-Bone-Joints Associated With Motion Devices .. And We Will Refer Patients When In Examination We Find That Defects Suffered Related Other Fields, Like Stroke Post Examples, That Will Also Require Nerve Specialist Interventions

    • What Therapy Tools Are Used?

        We Provide Several Types of Therapy, Depending on the Type of Abnormality.

        Some Therapeutic Tools Using Vibration Methods, Electrical Flow, Light, Sound Waves, Heat, Tug, Etc., Like Tens, Us, Infra Red, Dts, Paraffin Bath, Etc., With Their Functions And Work Mechanisms >

    • What is the Physical Therapy Function With Tools Like Heated, Irradiated And Electrocuted?

        Thermal Therapy (Hot And Cold Temperature) Works To Widen And Constrict Blood Vessels, Relax Rigid Muscles, Bend Joints, And Reduce Pain.

        Electrical Stimulation Function Blocks Nerve Pain, Strengthens Muscle And Trains Muscle Weak.

        Laser Light Therapy (Low Power Laser) Works To Reduce Pain, Swelling, Inflammation And Stimulates Network Repair

        Ultrasound Therapy Provides a Thermal Effect That Works To Increase And Increase Blood Flow To The Painful Area And Also The Mechanical Effect (Massage) That Will Relax The Stiffness Of The Natural Network Abnormalities And Accelerate The Healing And Regeneration Process Of The Network.

    • I've Been Often In Therapy Using Physiotherapy Tools And No Results. Useful Therapy Tools?

        Beneficial Nothing, Depending Of Therapy Regulation And Also Determination Of The Right Therapeutic Dose For The Disorder Suffered.

        Generally Doctors Will Determine Dose Therapeutic Tools As Well As Doctors Prescribe Dosage Oral Drug Therapy (Drugs Taken). The Ability of Tsb Doctors Determined By Their Experiences, So They Can Quickly Dose Therapeutic Doses Appropriate To The Patient's Disorders, Though the Tool & r; Used Almost Equal In All Places of Medical Rehab Therapy.

        Combination Of Tools, Dosage And How To Be Therapy For The Success Of Tsb Therapy Therapy

        Every Tool Can We Arrange For The Therapeutic Dose Depends on Which Body Network Is Affected, The Muscle Thickness And The Type Of The Disorder. So Everyone Will Get Different Doses, Though the Tools Used Equally.

    • Is Flex Free Therapy Using Only Physiotherapy Tools?

        What We Give Not Just Physiotherapy Measures Using Tools "But Complete Action of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.

        Every Incoming Patient Will Be Examined Physician & Physician Specialist Rehabilitation, And Determined What Medical Measures Are Right For You. Whether It's Medication, Injection, Special Examination, Physiotherapy, Exercise, Education, And We Will Find The Right Solution For You Because Not Everyone And All Same Diseases.

        One More We Learn About Biomechanics And Science Kinesiology Body. We Understand How the Body Moves, Part & rdquo; Any Body Involved, And We Also Understand How Activity Or Good Body Movement And True To Reduce The Risk Of The Problem Of The Problem With The Tool & rdquo; Motion Tsb.

        With Basic Biomechanics And Kinesiology, We Not Only Treat Patient Complaints With Drugs And An And Therapy With The Tool, But Also Train And Provide The True Information About Good And True Physical Activity, Including Giving Exercise Physical Important And Needed To Do At Home Patients To Train The Strength Of Muscles-Bones And Flexibility

  • 2. How to Treat Flex Free?

    • How To Treat To Flex Free?

        Please Contact The Contacts We Include On Our Web To Make Appointments. In order for Our Team Can Schedule Your Arrival / Mother / Brothers In Accordance With Estimated Available Time. Preferably Present Minimum 15 Minutes Before Scheduled Time.

        But Sometimes Your Checkup Schedule Can Be A Little Delayed, Because Sometimes Our Doctor Needs A Longer Time To Conduct A Check To Get The Right Results.

    • How Much Does It Cost To Treat To Flex Free?

        Consultation Fees With Range Rp. 200,000 & ndash; Rp. 250.000, While Therapy Costs Ranging From Rp. 100.000 Up to Rp. 500,000. Total Number Depends on the Type of Disorder Occurred And Therapy Prescribed Doctor.

    • Does Flex Free Already Work Equal With Health Insurance Or Bpjs?

        For The Time We Have Not Collaborated With Health Insurance Or Bpjs.

  • 3. Regenerative Treatment ?

    • What is Regenerative Treatment?

        Regenerative Treatment Is Treatment Aims To Rebuild Damaged Body Cells And Make It Work Optimally Maybe ..

        In the Musculoskeletal Field, Which Includes Regenerative Medicine Is Prolotherapy Dextrose, Prp ( Platelet Rich Plasma ), Stem Cell (Stem Cell), And So on.

        Pain And Disorder In Muscle & amp; Joints (Tendo, Ligaments, Meniskus, Cartilage, Joint Capsules) Generally Caused By Network Damage, Not Just Inflammation Or Other Causes. The Most Correct Treatment For Damaged Body Parts Is Fixing The Damaged Section By Stimulating The Growth Of The Network And Optimizing The Function Of The Damaged Cells.

        This Technique Is A Solution And Hope For People Who Have Network Damage That Can Still Be Fixed, With Trigger And Improve Natural Healing Process Body (Network Regeneration). < / p>

    • What is Prolotherapy?

        Prolotherapy Is Injection Actions To Stimulate Damaged Network Recovery. So Created Growing Back, Not Just Removed the Nyerinya. If the Damaged Network Has Growed Well Then Pain Will Lost Without It.

    • Are there Prolotherapy Side Effects?

        Prolotherapy Measures Cause Inflammatory Reactions Like Immunizations.

        If Baby Is Immunized To Fever A Whole Body. If In Prolotherapy Will Be Local Fever In Injection Sites, Sometimes With Stiffness And Pain. Local Fever Reactions Are Different Everyone, Some are Light Only, There Is Also Not That Very Nice. Usually Lasts 1-4 Days, Sometimes Can Be 5-7 Days. If Pain And Rigid Interfere with Your Activity, You Can Take Prescription Drugs.

    • How Long Prolotherapy Effects Are Expected To Appear?

        Prolotherapy Injection Should Be Performed Occasionally, Repeated Every 3-4 Weeks, To Achieve Desirable Healing Levels. Sometimes After 2-3 Times Injection You Will Feel Missing Pain Or Losing Remote, But Still Need Some Times Injection For Network Recovery.

        Prolotherapy Requires Repetition, Where Number of Repetitions And Grace Period Repetition Depends on Disease / Network Damage Happened, Weight of Damage Occurred, And Type of Prolotherapy Used.

        Action Prolotherapy Does not Instantly Relieve Pain, Can Cause Inflammatory Reactions On A Few Days After Injection.

    • Is It Possible to Take Pain Relievers After Prolotherapy?

        Pain Relievers Containing Corticosteroids Or Nsaid (Non Steroid Anti-Inflammatory) Not Recommended In Early Post Injection Post, Due To Able To Lower The Inflammatory Reaction Triggered To The Recovery Process.

        Generally Doctors Who Conduct Prolotherapy Procedures Will Provide Prescription Drugs Pain Relievers That Are Safe And Not Interfere With Ongoing Inflammatory Processes.

        If You Should Go to Another Doctor While Undergoing Prolotherapy Therapy Program, Tell Your Doctor That You Are Undergoing Prolotherapy So That Doctors Do not Prescribe Nsaid Or Steroids If Still Can Be Substituted.

    • What Conditions Can Prolotherapy Conduct?

        Indications of Prolotherapy Measures Are Degenerative Joint Disorders Including Osteoarthritis And Spondylosis, Ligament Damage, Tendon Damage Like Tendinopathy Including Tendinosis, Tendinitis And Rupture Degree 1 And 2, Damage Of Joints Due To Ligament Damage, Labrum, Meniskus And Some Other Conditions Like Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Postoperative Pain Syndrome, And Patello-Femoral Pain Sidroma Or After Tendo Or Ligament Repair Or Tendo Repair Procedure.

        Ask Your Doctor About Your Disease And Its Possible To Get Prolotherapy Actions.

    • Will With Prolotherapy Therapy Will Be Cured?

        Prolotherapy Measures Aim To Stimulate Damaged Network Recovery. So the Damaged Network Created Growing Back, Not Just Removed the Nyerinya.

        During the Recovery Process, It Will Start With The Inflammation Process That Will Trigger Pain. Some Things To Look For In The Inflammatory Process It Is Not Disturbed Like The Use Of Anti-Pain And Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Herbal Remedies For Common Uric Acid / Rheumatism Contain Steroids, About Rest And Start Physical Activity.

        Doctor Notes For Things That Can Be Done And Disallow (Do & Don't) Will Strongly Affect The Network Recovery Process, Including The Regular Therapeutic Repeatability Schedule.

        The Healing Rate Depends On The Regularity of Patient Repeat Schedule and Patient Reform

    • After Injection Prolotherapy, Why Add Pain?

        Prolotherapy Causes Immune Inflammatory Reactions.

        If Baby Is Immunized To Fever A Whole Body. If In Prolotherapy Will Be Local Fever In Injection Sites, Sometimes With Stiffness And Pain. Local Fever Reactions Are Different Everyone, Some are Light Only, There Is Also Not That Very Nice. Usually Lasts 1-4 Days, Sometimes Can Be 5-7 Days. If Pain And Rigid Interfere with Your Activity, You Can Take Prescription Drugs.

    • After Prolotherapy, Why Still Sick?

        Action Prolotherapy Does not Instantly Relieve Pain, Can Cause Inflammatory Reactions (Inflammation) On Multiple Days After Injection

        Prolotherapy Requires Repetition, Where Number of Repetitions And Grace Period Repetition Depends on Disease / Network Damage Happened, Weight of Damage Occurred, And Type of Prolotherapy Used.

        Sometimes After 2-3 Times Injection You Will Feel Missing Pain Or Losing Remote, But Still Need Some Injection Time For Network Recovery.

    • What Total Cost Should I Eat For Prolotherapy?

        It's Difficult to Determine the Total Cost You Should Expend To Undergo Prolotherapy Action Programs, Since The Number Of Repetitions Of Action Depends On The Level Of Network Damage That Occurs And The Severity Of It.

    • Do All Medical Rehabilitation Specialists Make Prolotherapy Actions?

        Can Yes Can Not, Given the Many Prolotherapy Measures Used To Restore Damaged Networks Associated With Motion Tools (Muskuloskeletal), It May Not All Rehabilitation Doctors Do It.

        Generally Only Doctors Specialist Rehab In Bone Muscle Joints (Muskuloskeletal) Like Us Who Did It.

        And In Our Place, Prolotherapy's Action Always Guided With Musculoskeletal Usg Help, So The Location Of Injectable Medication Can Be Exactly Target And Not About Other Networks Like Blood Vessels And Nerves. Guaranteed Security And Accuracy Target Audience Also Awake .

  • 4. Musculoskeletal Usg?

    • What Is The Muskuloskeletal Usg?

        Ultrasound (Usg) Musculoskeletal Is A Ultrasound Device In General, Only Has A Specificity On One Component, Which Is Used For Muscle Examination, Bones, Joints, Javelin Joints, Tendons And Soften Networks Of Joints (Muskuloskeletal).

    • What Is The Importance Of Uterus Examination In Musculoskeletal Disorders?

        Sometimes Some Disorders Or Abnormalities In Motion System (Musculoskeletal) Difficult Determined Only By Physical Examination Only. For example Pain at Shoulder Or Joint At Knee. Once the Complex is the Network of Organizers Such Organs, So To Ensure Network That Have Problems, Diagnostic Tools Needed Because Problems Can Be Caused By Particular Body Parts, Where Those Parts Are Nearly Interconnected And Overlapping

        With Usg, We Can Define Surely Muscles And Other Troubled Networks, The Correct Locations And Their Type of Disorders

        On The Other Side Usg Helps Us Do Injection In Some Places That Require Accuracy Of Locations, So That Direct Drugs Can Be On The Organ Who & nbsp; Temporary Pain Organ & rdquo; What Should Avoid Like Neural And Safe Blood Vessels

    • What Is The Difference Of Musculoskeletal Usg With Usg What Is Used To Do In Pregnant Women?

        The Principles of Work Are The Same, But Have A Specificity On One Of The Components, Used Specifically For Muscle Examination, Bones, Joints, Javelins Joints, Tendons And Soft Networks About Joints (Muskuloskeletal).

        Not All Doctors Can Do A Musculoskeletal Muscle Examination

        To Operate Usage Tools, All Doctors May Be Possible. But To Conduct A Focused Examination On The Problem Of Muscles And Other Software That Certainly Not. Every Doctor Has Different Fields of Science, So The Focus Will Be Different & rdquo; Pula.

        It takes special training and experience in performing ultrasound examination on soft tissue so this ultrasound examination is highly dependent on the expertise, ability and experience of the operator ( Operator Dependent ).

    • Is On Flex Free Available Musculoskeletal Usg Examination?

        Yes, Available. Usg Is An Examination Tool That Is Very Necessary To See Immediately Location Abnormalities.

    • Does Usg Tsb Inspection Should Be Done At Flex Free Clinic?

        Actually Not. But For Our Doctor, Usg Is An Extremely Nunjang Inspection Tool That Is Necessary To See Immediately the Location of the Disorder.

        Usg Has Real Time Properties, So During Examination, Doctors Can Ask Patients To Drive Movements That Have Problems, Tendon Order, Muscle Mass And Other Problematic Networks Will Be More Visible With Different Influences Movement.

        So & nbsp; It Will be Difficult for Our Doctors To Ensure Appropriate Abnormality Locations If The Usg Check Is Done In Other Places.

    • How Much Does It Cost To Check Up Usg?

        Usg Usage Check Cost Rp. 350.000 Up to Rp. 550,000.

  • 5. Physiotherapy And Therapeutic Tools?

    • When Do I Need Physiotherapy?

        Physiotherapy Or Often Also Called As Physical Therapy, Is Part Of Medical Rehabilitation That Closely Relates To Handling Physical Abnormalities By Optimizing Movements And Functions. The term Physicalotherapy is Often Used Alternately With Physical Therapy.

        When You Have Bone-Muscle Disorders & amp; Joints In Body Framework And Motion Tools, Should Run Well & nbsp; Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) To Avoid From Repeated Complaints And Disabilities

        The Main Purpose of Physiotherapy Is To Restore Bodybuilding Functions After Affected Illness Or Injury. If the Body Suffers Illness or Permanent Injury, then Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Can Be Prioritized To Reduce Its Impact.

        In order to avoid Repeated Complaints and Avoid From Physical Disabilities , Since Early Complaints, Doctors Will Give Advice To Improve The Health And Welfare Of Patients In General Which Includes Manual Therapy, Therapy Using Tools, Physical Exercise And Other Exercises Appropriate Requirements. & Nbsp; The Approach Is Overall By Looking At Whole Patient Conditions, Not Just In One Part Of The Body Only.

        A Different Type of Physical Exercise Will Be Prescribed For Each Patient, Depending On The Patient's Need. Physical Exercise Aimed To Strengthen Affected Body Parts And Encourage Patients To Move, Exercise Fitness Techniques Or Exercise Properly To Avoid From Recurrent Injuries, Exercises To For Reinforcement & amp; Stretching Muscles, Etc.

    • How Long Does It Usually Time Needed For 1 Therapy Time?

        For Minimum Treatment It Takes About 1-1.5 Hours Per Patient, Depending What Type Of Therapist Doctor Recommended For Your Disease. While for New Patient Consultation, Generally Older, Because In addition to Doctor Should be True & rdquo; Examining In Conducting Examination And Exploring All Possible Causes, Doctors Will Also Give Many Explanations About It & rdquo; What To Do And What Not A Patient Can Do At Home.

    • How Many Times Do Patients Have to Treat Therapy?

        Depending on the Type of Abnormality. Only After Consultation, We Do Not See The Need Of Therapy, Because The Disorder Is Not Too Serious So Just Need To Be Stopped For a Minute With Education About Physical Exercise That Is Important To Prevent Problems Continues.

        While There are Patients We Recommend Therapy As many as 4, 6, 8 To 12 Times As 1 Series Therapy. All That Depends On The Severity And Regularity In Undergoing Therapy.

    • Why Does Therapy Have To Be Repeated Times And Old?

        Musculoskeletal System Very Susceptible to Injuries Involved By Repetitive Movements Frequently Asked When Working, Exercising Or Doing Hobby, Or Often Unknowingly We Are Doing Activities In The Wrong Way That Can Trigger Any Problem Or Reduce Problems That Actually Existed

        Musculoskeletal Disease Or Complaint Associated With Motion Equipment, Which Works To Move, Everything Is Attributed To The Daily Activities Of Patients Who Are Not The Same And Different Day & rdquo; For Everyone.

        The Main Principle Is Resting The Natural Soften Network Problems To Be Cured, But Because It Is Used To Activate, Then Healing Becomes Relatively Older From Disease & rdquo; More.

        Major Manifestations of Musculoskeletal System Complaints Are Uncomfortable Pain Or Pain / Pain Both In Silent Condition (Rest) Or When Driven.

        When Missing Pain, Problem Not Sure Missed And It Needs A Regular Evaluation To Monitor The Repair Of The Process That Happens To Not Recur In The Near Time

    • Are There Certain Rules In Living With An Approved Therapy?

        Certain Rules Not Available. But Of The Series Of Therapies That We Already Set, Should Be Conducted Regularly, 2-3 Times In A Week.

        Regular Therapy (2-3 Times / Week) Important To More Maximize Results

    • Why Therapy Should Be Organized A Week 2-3 Times?

        It's the Same When We Hurt Cough And Cold, Doctors Recommend Drugs To Drink 3 Times A Day. With Regular Therapy, Results Will Be Realer, But If You Drink Drugs Only 1-2 Times A Day With Your Remembrance Schedule (For Frequently Lost), Yes Surely The Result Will Also Be Slow. How Effective Therapy When You Drink Only 1 Drug, While Doctors Prescribe 3 Times A Day For Your Disease?

        And As We Have Conveyed, Muscles, Bones And Joints Are Motionless Always Motionless Instruments, Which Means, At Any Time Parts Of The Body Will Be Burdened With Active Movements, Which Can Breathe an Existing Disorder, Its Impact Is When The First Therapy Has Not Proven Maximum Results, Organs & rdquo; Tsb Is Burdened Again With Movement "Which Of course Will Reduce The Effectiveness Of The First Therapy, Etc. And When The Distance Of First And Second Therapy, Etc Too Far, Then The Effectiveness Of The Therapy Will Not Be Clear.

        On the Other Side Doctors Can Also Be Regularly Monitoring The Progression Of The Disease And Condition Of The Patient, Especially When Arising A New Problem Or Complaint, Both Standing Or Interconnecting With Previous Disease, So Doctors Can Quickly Determine the Solution .

    • Do If We Therapy Regularly As Suggested Doctors Will Be Cured?

        Healing Depends on Patients Also. Apart From Drug Therapy And Tools, Usually We Will Also Teach Patients & rdquo; We About Exercise Physical Exercise (Exercise) What to Live.

        The Purpose of This Exercise Is To Prevent Complaints Or Problems Arise Back. Because Most Complaints Or Problems Occurred In The Bodybuilding System Due To Repeated And Wrong Body Workloads.

        So Though Therapy Has Been Adhered To Instructions, But In Performing A Day 'Activity " We Go Back In The Wrong Way, The Same Complaints Will Come Up Again Or When Patients Do Not Run Physical Exercises That Taught Doctors, It Could Be Another Problem.

        Besides The Difference Of Conditions And Endurance Of Some People And Also The Severity Of The Abnormalities Of The Patient, Also Very Effective In The Results Of The Therapy.

        But Our Key Principles, We Help Patients To Be More Independent With Their Disease Condition, Therefore We Will Provide The Best Solution For Patients In Improving Their Quality Of Life.

  • 6. Orthotic And Prosthetic?

    • What Is It Orthotic And Prosthetic?

        Orthotic And Prosthetic Are Important Tools In Supporting The Treatment And Healing Process And Helping People To Live Their Daily Activities Se Optimally With The Help Of Existing Tools, Like Stockings, Insole, Corset And Brace, Etc With Various Brands And Usage.

    • Does Flex Free Provide Tsb Tools?

        We Carry The One-Stop-Shop Concept By Inviting Some Support Service Centers And Providers To Give Convenient To Our Patients In Obtaining Support Tools What It Takes.

        After Doctor Prescribes Types Of Support Tools And How To Use It According To Patient Needs, We Will Connect You With A Direct Tool Provider For The Follow-up Process. So We Do Not Sell Directly The Tools.

    • Does Every Patient Have to Use the Tool?

        Not Everyone Needs A Tool. It Depends On The Disorder And Its Need.

        But Sometimes Someone Needs Such Aids Without Other Therapies, Because It Is A Tool That Can Be Fixed To Improve Existing Condition According to Doctor's Consideration.

    • How Important is the Use of Tsb Tools?

        Sometimes Someone Needs Such Aids Without Other Therapies, Because It Is A Tool That Can Be Fixed That Will Be Improving The Condition That Exists According to Doctor Considerations.

        Case Example 1 . There are Patients Who Bring Their Parents Come to Us. Complaints Difficulty Walking And Feeling Pain When Forced To Walk. After Through Examination, We Get The Parent Tsb Experiencing Abnormalities In The Knees That Are Old And Old Other It May Not Be Fixed Again Except Operations. But Because The Parent Has Some Disease That Is Not Allowable Operation, So We Suggest Buying A Knee Brace Tool For Supporting Already Damaged Knee Joints. Walking Time Adapting To The Knee Brace Used, Finally The Mom Can Walk On Her Own Without The Help Of Others And Her Wrinkle Complaints Reduced. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

        Case 2 Example . A Patient Comes to Treat With Pain Complaints In Waist Area Sdh Since 1 Year Yg Then. After Through Examination And Evaluation And Therapy, Finally We See the Roots of the Real Problems Because of the Patient Body Imbalance When She Stood. Patient Has Ever Had Stroke About 2 Years Ago, But It Has Recovered From Strokenya, But One Of Her Knees Experienced The Decline Of Muscle Growth, So Size Is Not The Same Between Right And Left, And It Affects Position When Patient Stands. This is what causes the patient to feel pain in the waist, which occurs due to imbalance of body position when standing and activity. Finally We Suggest Patients To Purchase Insoles For Legs That Are Shorter in size, So Position Became High When Patients Stand.

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